AirPods Pro update adds head-nodding gesture to silently respond to Siri

@ 2024/06/11
At WWDC 2024, Apple revealed a few key updates coming to AirPods this year. First, the company is adding new head-nodding gestures called Siri Interactions on AirPods Pro that allow you to respond in crowded places where you'd rather not speak. You'll be able to nod affirmatively to silently say "yes" or shake your head for "no" and the voice assistant will react accordingly. In a demo, Apple showed a man in a crowded elevator shaking his head to tell Siri he didn't want to take a call from "Gam Gam." Siri Interactions aren't just for calls though. You'll also be able to interact with messages, manage notifications and more without uttering a sound.

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