Half-Passive Watercooling setup

@ 2003/05/20
Looks pretty nifty, performance is on par with the aircooling, but silent as hell!
Comment from anes @ 2003/05/21
that dude bends copper like it's chewing gum
Comment from Da`Hitch @ 2003/05/20
looks like an impressive setup, not to mention CHEAP and SILENT :-)

Borg Queen, hihihi
Comment from TeuS @ 2003/05/20
not bad, but he could have soldered an iron mesh on the copper radiator (on the rad of a real fridge there are some smaller fins between the big copper tubes)
Comment from GiantKiller @ 2003/05/20
perhaps at hot summerdays useing a fan to cool yourself, you can point the fan onto you radiator too.
Nice thinking (concept for the radiator).
I like the most NO NOISE.
Perhaps, when haveing enough room you could use the whole radiator of an old refrigerator.

Well done
Comment from silencer @ 2003/05/20
nice. shoud a car radiator do the trick?