BFG GeForce 7900 GT OC SLI

@ 2006/04/11
At an NVIDIA MSRP of $449, the GeForce 7900 GT is being targeted at the high-end gamer that is still on a budget, albeit a much more flexible one than the 7600 GT is meant for. It replaces the short-lived GeForce 7800 GT in the NVIDIA line-up, and promises to deliver better performance, at the same price, and at a lower power consumption with its updated G71 GPU. We covered the details behind the G71 in our GeForce 7900 GTX launch article, and we found it to be an efficient, snappy piece of engineering. That piece of engineering is now being offered at a greatly more accessible price.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/11
uhm isn't the target price for 7900GT $300 ?

even in Belgium this card can be found for €320...
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/04/11
Accessible price = 2x$449 ..... by whose standard, Mr. Donald Trump? The $900 spending on Nvidia card last Sept would have yielded a bit of pleasure; the same amount on NVDA stock would have returned $1,800, doubling the profit.

So, while the vcard price is accessible; I'd rather buy the stock.