X-Micro WLAN 11g Combo Finder Adapter

@ 2006/04/10
I've gotten past the whole reviewing video cards thing. At my age, I'm more about the coolness factor, the utility, or the handiness of a gadget. Which is why I rather enjoy the occasional package from the folks at X-Micro. They seem to share my love of tiny packages that pack a lot of use, coming up with products that maybe don't always have the wide mainstream appeal of the latest GPU but offer up a handy way of dealing with typical real world issues.

Now, fun is all relative, and I have to admit that yes, I'm pretty easy to amuse. So while some folks maybe don't see the point in driving around town, looking for wireless spots, to me that's a pleasant afternoon. That's a good time right there. So a product like the WLan 11g Combo Finder Adapter is right up nerd alley as far as I'm concern. Geek Nirvana.

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