Silverstone releases compact performance heatsink for small enclosures - NT05

@ 2006/04/07
The Nitrogon NT05 is truly an overachiever with an overall dimension small enough to fit inside nearly any case but with performance level surpassing bigger CPU coolers. To accomplish this feat, the NT05’s heatsink is packed with a massive amount of aluminum fins (63) and copper fins (43) to increase its surface area. All fins are also shaped with precisely calculated airflow pattern to maximize heat dissipation. Three U-shaped sintered powder heat pipes are then bonded to the copper base and fins for super quick thermal transfer to evenly distribute excess heat to all parts of the heatsink. To pair with this impressive heatsink, an efficient 70mm fan with adjustable speed function is utilized to complete a monster of a cooler that is small, yet capable of handling up to 130W of power.


* Hybrid aluminum & copper construction
Superior powder heat pipe design
* P4 Socket 478, LGA775, and Athlon 64 compatible
* For use with Pentium XE 3.46GHz / Athlon 64FX-60 & above
* Fan speed controller included

Noise rating: 19.04dBA ~ 46.86dBA

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