Unlock extra pipe lines on the X1800GTO - turn it into X1800XL!

@ 2006/04/07
CHINESE website HKEPC shows us how to mod a X1800GTO to a X1800XL by enabling the 16 pipelines. a HIS card was used. You can download the appropriate mod document and the mod bios. Of course, everything you will do to your machine will be at your own risk. The specialist of breaking hardware reviews also has some news about the 939SLI32-eSATA2 motherboard from Asrock - with pictures and SIS's series of chipset, all in its forum. (Src: TheInquirer)
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/07
it's possible to unlock some cards to 16 pixel pipelines by flashing them with a Radeon X1800 XL BIOS. This is no surprise, since the X1800 GTO and X1800 XL both use the same R520 core, but such unlocking is not always successful. HKEPC flashed five HIS X1800 GTO IceQ3 samples with the BIOS from an X1800 XL, and all cards remained stable through burn-in tests. The site claims 90% of early HIS samples can be flashed, as well.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/07
Charted version of his test data with 3DMark , before/after unlocking the extra pipelines
Comment from jmke @ 2006/04/07
This is the modified BIOS (at own risk-backupbackupbackup)