Microsoft to Standardize AI Super-resolution for Games and Windows UWP Apps

@ 2024/02/12
A Windows 11 Insider build for the upcoming "24H2" release of Windows exposes a new graphics setting called "automatic super resolution," or ASR as Microsoft intends to call it. Its caption reads "use AI to make supported games play more smoothly with enhanced details." The toggle is designed to work not just with games, but also Windows UWP apps. PhantomOfEarth reports that the feature is Microsoft's own super resolution model that's different from DLSS, FSR, or XeSS. It is exposed as a feature on machines with an NPU or AI accelerator compatible with Microsoft's APIs. Apparently, the upscaler component of ASR leverages AI to reconstruct details. Since the caption reads "supported games," ASR may not work universally. It remains to be seen how its image quality compares to that of DLSS, FSR, or XeSS.

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