3 Budget Friendly Videocards Compared - X800GTO/X1600XT/6800GS

@ 2006/04/04
The market of the graphics boards has not ceased D’evolving/moving for a few years. A true war between the two founders with knowing ATI and NVIDIA S’is installation. The manufacturers do not cease presenting new charts based on the different chips. As for the prices, C’east can be the only disadvantage D’aujourd’today, difficult D’to choose the charts the top-of-the-range one like Radeon X1900 XT D’ATI proposed in the neighbourhoods of 550 euros or GeForce 7900 GTX of NVIDIA sold with the neighbourhoods of 500 euros. The majority D’between us thus turn worms of the medium of range which proposes very broad set. We decided to compare several charts of medium of range in order to facilitate the choice to you.

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