Building a Quiet Home Theater PC by Corsair.

@ 2006/03/28
There are a lot of Digital Video Recorders on the market right now, some cable and satellite companies will give you one with their service for a small fee. Unfortunately, most of them come with low amounts of storage, sometimes only 20 or 30 hours of regular content. In order to remove these restrictions, Microsoft released Windows XP Media Center Edition, you can find it available as an OEM version, meaning you have to buy some hardware to qualify for this purchase. No problem there, as we decided to buy quite a bit of hardware all at once to build a computer that would look and sound like a home theater component.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/03/28
the focus on silence title with the giant intel pic made me laugh

The lack of Samsung Spinpoints is disturbing as well, I also don't know about quiet DVD burners which would be crucial for this task.

I'm missing the 120s only rule as well. They might have been able to leave away the casefans and just go with a 380 S12 from Seasonic.

They also did not pay attention to HOW to mount the fans and HD, as there vibration can be a noise problem.

too much thermal paste, fan grills not removed

I would say it's a noobjob :/
Comment from jmke @ 2006/03/28
I'm sure their choice of CPU, CPU cooler and fan will be disputed

"focus on silence" and "Pentium D" doesn't quite compute?