It's official: Sony announces online service for PS3

@ 2006/03/23
Although Sony has been in the console business for longer than Microsoft, the Xbox makers were much quicker to capitalize on the online experience with its popular Xbox live. In contrast, Sony offered up a network adapter for the PS2, an optional hard drive, and left online functionality to the developers themselves. As we reported in January, Sony plans to launch its own online service with the PlayStation 3, and the company made it official today.

Sony's brief announcement doesn't really provide any new insights into what Sony is referring to internally as the PlayStation Network Platform, saying merely that it will enable users to purchase and download games directly from the service. Basic access will be free and similar to Xbox Live Silver, gamers will be able to talk to and play against each other. Since Sony is talking about "basic" access, it's safe to assume there will be some sort of pay-to-play, tiered online experience with the PS3.

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