DeSantis presidential launch mired by Twitter problems

@ 2023/05/26
Discovered first hand the depths of Elon Musk’s cuts

A bloke who was duffed up by a mickey mouse outfit is probably regretting turning a man who blows up rockets to help him launch his presidential campaign.

Ron DeSantis decided to launch his campaign on Elon [look at me] Musk’s Twitter but it appears that all those cuts that Musk made at Twitter to make it economically viable also borked the launch.

The event was mired with problems from the beginning and DeSantis didn’t manage to use the initial Space hosted by Musk. When moderator David Sacks, a venture capitalist and former PayPal product lead, first unmuted himself to start the talk, the Space was filled with loud, echoing feedback sounds before quickly going silent. The accounts of DeSantis and Sacks popped in and out of the initial room, muting and unmuting themselves before leaving.

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