IBM ThinkPad X60 laptop

@ 2006/03/22
IBM's Thinkpads had a consistent reputation as a solid, reliable business-oriented laptop. With IBM divesting of its PC division to Lenovo, many have wondered what will happen to the ThinkPad lineup. Will the quality decrease? What about performance?

The X series is the Thinkpad ultra-portable lineup, which consists of a single spindle design. The Thinkpad X60 is the current incarnation, and our model sports a Intel Core Duo T2400 CPU clocked at 1.83GHz, Intel GMA950 graphics, and a 2.5" SATA drive. (Note: this is a different model than the X60s, which, while lighter, utilizes a 1.8" PATA drive). It weighs in at a svelte 3lb (depending on configuration) and claims to have quite an impressive battery life. An optional dock can hold a second battery and/or an optical drive.

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