Sapphire X800 GTO2

@ 2006/03/22
The Sapphire X800 GTO2 is one of those product that bargain hunters love to find. You see, this card really isn't an X800, it's really a lot more. The limited edition X800 GTO2 is based on the ATI R480 core, not the R430 core used by other X800 video cards. For those out of the loop, the R480 core is the same core that drives the ultra fast X850 XT. So why is this card call an X800? Because four of its 16 pixel pipelines are turn off. That makes it just like any other X800 video cards, with 12 pixel pipelines. However, using a widely available BIOS tweak will enable the remaining four pixel pipelines, so you'll have a graphics card with the same number of pipes as the X850XT.

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