PowerColor ATI X1600XT Bravo Edition

@ 2006/03/22
ATI is quickly trying to take the top slot in the video card wars; with the release of there newest core comes the release of other lower clocked cards. Aimed at those can't quite afford the top of the line technology, but still want to keep playing the newest games. NVidia does the same thing, they release a high end card and after a bit release the lower clocked siblings for those whose pockets aren't as deep. Today for review I have one, what might be considered a mid-range card for review; it is the ATI X1600XT from PowerColor. Not long ago I reviewed the X1300 from PowerColor which would be considered a budget priced card. Let's see how the X1600XT compares with the X1300 which is about half the price, and let's see if almost twice the money is really worth it..

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