Coolink SWiF Fans & Silent Savior

@ 2006/03/15
The appearance of the Coolink SWiF fans are slightly different from what you
would expect from standard case fans that are currently on the market. The
SWiF or "Silent Whisper Fans" have a nice aesthetic appeal to them and are
encased in a translucent clear housing with blue coloured fan blades. Attached
to the base of the fan is a 3-pin fan header that includes wire leads for 12V
(red), ground (black) and RPM sensing (yellow). In the 80mm fan series,
Coolink provides 5 different fans but provided models SWiF-801 and SWiF-803.
The SWiF-801 is capable of pushing 23-38 CFM at 800-1500 RPM with a noise
level of 9-11 dBA. The SWiF-803 is slightly faster than the SWiF-801 and is
capable of pushing 30-65 CFM at 1300-2600 RPM with a noise level of 14-26 dBA.
As an added bonus the SWiF-803 also includes a PCI mounting bracket, 3 to
4-pin adapter, fan screws and adjustable fan speed control knob

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