DDR1/DDR2 Memory Maximizer Overclocking Device in Alpha

@ 2006/03/15
- first 2 posts show how it raises vdimm with switches
- next one shows MIN and MAX using trimmer - switches OFF
- next is VTT tracking
- next one shows raising vdimm on DDR2 up to 2.4V
- and the last one shows vdimm on DDR2 at 3v (!) with trimmer.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/03/15
it very close to release from what I can read in that thread
Comment from jort @ 2006/03/15
is it going to be released? because this is allready 2 years? in production.

great thing to have for a overclocker
Comment from wittekakker @ 2006/03/15
Yea, on the fly RAM voltage modding.
Look at the video too: http://www.fileshack.us/files/150/maximizer.rar
Comment from jmke @ 2006/03/15
and the Beta: