Intel’s I226-V 2.5GbE Ethernet controller might have a design flaw

@ 2023/01/24
I226-V controller causes frequent connection drops

Intel's latest I226-V 2.5GbE Ethernet controller, which debuted on 700-series motherboards, may have a design flaw. User reports from the Intel, Microsoft, and Asus communities claim that the I226-V controller causes frequent connections randomly.

According to TechPowerUp, the controller is the successor to the I225-V controller launched in 2019. For those who don’t remember the I225-V was not that great either and had network connection issues.

Intel eventually released the I225-V2 controller to fix all these problems at a hardware level. However, motherboards manufactured before the new revision continue to suffer from the issues, leading to workarounds such as gimping the controller to 1GbE mode instead of 2.5GbE.

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