CES has dual screen laptops everywhere

@ 2023/01/09
Lenovo*Yoga Book 9i provides two full size OLED touchscreens

There seems to be rather a lot of laptops with multiple screens being shown off at CES this year such as Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i which is one of the first we have seen with two full-size OLED touchscreens

Lenovo calls its Yoga Book 9i a laptop technically it is a tablet with the hinge serving as a divider. The screens themselves don’t bend and both displays can be used for one image or for working on two separate apps at the same time. One use would be to give a presentation on one while “viewing the chat and advancing slides from the second screen.”

The Yoga Book 9i will come with a “detachable Bluetooth keyboard”. Lenovo also says that it supports the Smart Pen, but it’s unknown if the stylus is a part of the launch package.

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