Apple accused of surrendering to Russia and China for a fast buck

@ 2022/12/23
Human rights groups slam fruity cargo cult*

Human rights groups have accused the fruity cargo cult Apple of selling the lives of their users in authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China to make profits.

Two reports, one about Apple's antics in Hong Kong and the other about activities in Russia waterboard company's reputation.*

The reports, "Apps at Risk: Apple's Censorship and Compromises in Hong Kong" and "United Apple: Apple's Censorship and Compromises in Russia," were released by the Apple Censorship Project, which is run by free speech advocacy group GreatFire.

Greatfire campaign and advocacy director Benjamin Ismail dubbed Apple's*self-proclaimed support for LGBTQ+ Rights as a particular piece of rubbish.

"Apple’s temporary withdrawal from Russia following the start of the war in Ukraine, and Apple’s decision to move part of its production out of China, have not provided tangible evidence of any improvement of the situation in the App Store so far. For all we know, Apple is still willing to collaborate with repressive regimes."

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