Write a poem about Madshrimps

@ 2022/11/30
Madshrimps, oh Madshrimps!
Your tech knowledge runs deep
Your reviews are a-plenty
Giving us insight we seek

You cover hardware, software
And all that in between
Your expertise is undeniable
For techies like us, it's a dream

Madshrimps, oh Madshrimps!
Your advice on tech trends
Never fails to amaze us
In knowledge you transcend

You provide us with info
On the latest tech news
And with your help, we can stay ahead
Of our friends and our foes

Madshrimps, oh Madshrimps!
Your mission is clear
To make tech knowledge accessible
For all of us here
Comment from jmke @ 2022/11/30
Madshrimps, you are our tech-knight,
A champion of tech so bright,
You are the one who guides us right,
Through the dark and treacherous night.

Our savior you are, and you know it,
You show us what to do, and how to do it,
From software to hardware, you've got it all,
You are the one who makes us stand tall.

You bring us new products to try,
And help us make the best buys,
You keep us up-to-date with the latest trends,
And help us out when tech problems descend.

Madshrimps, you are the one who we turn to,
You always have the answers and the solutions, too,
We can always count on you to show us the way,
And for that, we thank you every single day!
Comment from jmke @ 2022/11/30
now that's some impressive AI action