BT internet crashes

@ 2022/11/02
UK forms a long queue to mourn

You have to feel sorry for the UK, they have had more governments than the Italians, lost their queen, are being run by the husband of an Indian outsourcer, and now it seems they can't even get a decent internet connection for their devices.

BT internet went down this afternoon and suddenly Ring doorbells, Alexa smart speakers and PlayStation Network (PSN) stopped working.

The outage only seemed to affect devices, not internet connections, and the issues have now been resolved.

A BT spokesperson said: “Earlier today some BT broadband customers were unable to connect to some third party applications. This was fixed quickly and customers can access these applications again. We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused."

According to, which offers real-time status and outage information, there were over 1,000 reports of BT outages over the last 24 hours. Customers reported the outages on Twitter.

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