Genesis of GPU oversupply hits the streets

@ 2022/10/31
Selling GPU's by the pound

Self-proclaimed 'King of VGA' Vietnam's LĂȘ ThĂ*nh told his Facebook chums that the store has started to use street trader tactics to grab passersby and sell them GPUs by the pound.

LĂȘ ThĂ*nh shared pictures of dozens of used GPUs stacked up on the curbside in a clear parody of a Vietnamese street food stall. There is also a video with the vendor patiently waving away flies with a net, awaiting passersby. Then, a scooter stops, and the rider buys a bundle of GPUs after the seller weighs them, then drives off with them in a flimsy red takeaway bag. Other photos show the street seller waving used GPUs at scooter riders in the street. There are stacks and stacks of GPUs shown in LĂȘ ThĂ*nh's shop, with all the major brands represented.

It is not clear how serious the pictures are supposed to be. Graphics card oversupply in the post-Ethereum GPU mining era has been widely reported and consumer graphics card prices have fallen as the crypto business was running out of steam.

Widespread ending of pandemic-related lockdowns didn't do consumer electronic sales any favours, as did the squeeze on disposable income due to rising energy prices.

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