Apple is deliberately vandalising messages sent from Android phones

@ 2022/10/18
Tame Apple Press shocked that Apple turns message bubbles puke green

The fruity cargo-cult Apple is so terrified that its fanbois might be tempted by Android machines it has been changing colours on iMessages sent from Android phones to puke-green instead of Apple's smug blue [are you sure that is an official colour. ed].

Apple apparently uses colour contrast to make its iMessages more favorable than regular text from its rival. iMessage’s blue/white provides greater colour contrast than the regular text green/white scheme. This makes the text more readable which results in a better experience when messaging iPhone users versus Android users.

Green and white are "poor” on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at 2.18, impacting the user experience for all, but especially for those with visual disabilities.

What is ironic is that the story is being peddled by the Tame Apple Press which apparently has just realised that this is what its favourite company is doing.

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