Russian missiles take out Samsung R&D

@ 2022/10/12
Putin on the Blitz

Samsung has been feeling the wrath of Russian Tsar Putin's wrath in Ukraine.

A Russian rocket hit the building housing Samsung’s local offices and R&D centre which had the misfortune of being in the centre of Kyiv.

All Samsung employees reportedly evacuated before the rocket hit the building and into shelters in good time. There has been no statement from Samsung representatives.

It is not clear why the Russian's considered Samsung a military target. The company recently pulled out of the Russian market, but that harmed it more than it would have bothered Putin. It is more likely that Russian cruise missiles are about as accurate as Fox News op ed and Samsung was not the intended target.

There's speculation that Russian troops are firing more indiscriminately, and Western news outlets are characterising it as a revenge attack for damaging the Crimean Bridge rather than a strategic initiative.

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