Nvidia reveals more RTX 40-series details

@ 2022/09/22
RTX 4080 12GB on GA104, and there is still room for RTX 4090 Ti

Although we got the general information during yesterday's announcement, Nvidia held a tech-day on its RTX 40-series earlier today, revealing more information on the actual RTX 40-series lineup and the Ada Lovelace architecture in general.

Nvidia kicked off the tech day with Ada Lovelace architecture improvements, focusing on what is described as "a quantum leap in ray tracing performance", and DLSS 3, which bring impressive performance improvements and innovations on both the software and hardware side.

The RTX innovations, as detailed by Nvidia, include shader execution reordering, displaced micro-meshes, opacity micro-masks, FP8 inferencing, optical flow accelerator, and, of course, DLSS 3, all of which, together with the new Streaming Multiprocessor, new RT cores, and new Tensor cores, add up to significant performance improvements, around 2x-4x.

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