ASUS' ROG Phone 6D Ultimate has an even more elaborate cooling system

@ 2022/09/19
After the launch of the ROG Phone 6 Pro gaming phone, some hardcore fans were left wondering what happened to the "Ultimate" variant. As it turns out, ASUS waited for over two months before unveiling its "one more thing": the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate. It's identical to the 6 Pro in almost every way, except for four things: the new "space gray" color, the interesting choice of the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor (which is what the "D" in "6D" stands for), the switch to the faster LPDDR5X RAM, and the new "AeroActive Portal" design for blowing cool air into its internal heat-dissipation fins — I'll abbreviate this as heatsink from here onwards.

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