Iranian kittens nick Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook inboxes

@ 2022/08/25
Not really much else to do in Iran

Iranian state-sponsored hackers have worked out a way to download Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook inboxes.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) managed to obtain a version of the tool and thinks it is pretty dangerous.

Dubbed HYPERSCAPE the tool was built in 2020 by the government-backed hacker group who thought the name Charming Kitten sounded fearsome.

The tool works on the attacker’s endpoint, which sounds rather painful for the Iranians, but means victims don’t have to be tricked into downloading any malware. However, the kittens do need to steal account credentials or session cookies and then log into their account.

While this sounds like most of the work is done, your average kitten cannot be bothered going through every email and just wants to download the juicy bits.

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