Dell releases barrel camera

@ 2022/08/20
I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille

Dell has released a new is adding a new barrel-shapped Dell Pro Webcam.

It looks similar to the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam but comes with a barrel-shaped design and automatic cropping software to keep you centered in the frame. The downside is that instead of 4K resolution, the Pro Webcam records and streams up to QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution which helps Dell lower the price to $134.99. To be fair, Dell added a noise-reducing microphone which was lacking from the 4K model.

There is a white LED to indicate when the camera is on and a Sony STARVIS sensor outputting QHD at 30 or 24 fps or 1080p at 60, 30, or 24 fps. There’s a 720p HD setting which does not appear to offer any frame rate benefits over 1080.

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