Facebook helps cops arrest a teen for buying abortion pills

@ 2022/08/10
Jailing 17 year old girls is what social networking is all about

Facebook provided user information to police in Nebraska that led directly to the prosecution of a 17-year-old girl for alleged crimes relating to ordering abortion pill online.

The social notworking outfit did not even bother to challenge the order it just handed the teens ,direct messages to cops, who are now charging the girl with three felonies for using a mail-order abortion pill and burying the miscarried fetus.

Apparently a Nebraska detective got it into his head that a juvenile female had given birth prematurely supposedly to a stillborn child and murdered it. He had no reason to suspect this, but on a hunch he decided to exhume the body.

An autopsy showed that the fetus had never had air in its lungs which did not prove his case at all. But he was not going to let that get in the way of his investigation and he was pretty sure the girl had done something, so he asked Meta to provide all the girl’s Facebook messages, photos and other data for “statements that might indicate whether the baby was stillborn or asphyxiated."

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