Italians shocked after Bitcoin investment turned out to be a scam

@ 2022/08/10
They told us we would be as rich as Berlusconi

Italy is reeling from a Bitcoin-based financial scam and what seems to have gotten their goat was that it was an Italian company behind it.

More than 6000 savers invested figures ranging from 10-300,000 euros in a Bitcoin operation run by New Financial Technology born in

Sileain the Treviso area. The outfit was as Italian as the mafia and Berlusconi so what could possibly go wrong?

Well it seems that the founders of the company have disappeared along with between 40 and 100 million euros. Before they disappeared that they announced that the company found itself facing unforeseen internal problems.

Apparently, the founders “decided to carry out a reorganization, first protecting the capital deposited by customers. ,

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