Twitter censors Epoch Times

@ 2022/08/01
Appeasing the Chinese?

Twitter has blocked the far right The Epoch Times without explanation,hacking off "conservatives" who believe that that the left is trying to shut them up.

Officially the Epoch Times was founded in 2000 by Chinese Americans who fled communist China and sought to create an independent media outlet to bring uncensored and truthful information to the world.

Practically, it is linked to the anti-communist Falun Gong religious cult and dishes out money from unknown sources for far-right policial parties all over the world so it is not exactly neutral. The paper was a big supporter of Donald Trump becuase Falun Gong believers look forward to a "judgement day" in which communists are sent to hell and Falun Gong's allies are spared.Donald Trump wasviewed as a key anti-communist ally and would hasten that judgment day.

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