Geforce 7900 GT has 7800 GTX 256 performance for $299

@ 2006/02/27
Nvidia will price those cards at around $299 or just a little bit higher in Europe. This means that Nvidia will sell a card clocked at minimally 450 MHz core or even higher, a 256 MB card with full 24 pipelines for a price of 7800 GT. The performance of 7900 GT might be as high as 7800 GTX as the card is clocked 10 MHz higher and has the same number of pipelines. It will have 256 MB of memory but no one should care that much about RAM as 512 MB card is rarely faster than the same clocked 256 MB card.
Comment from wittekakker @ 2006/02/27
That's exactly the first thing that came up in my mind when they released the first (believable) numbers last week.