Steam Deck proves walled gardens are rubbish

@ 2022/06/23
Doing rather well

Valve’s Steam Deck is proving that the walled garden business model is rubbish and the idea of locking customers into a single ecosystem is flawed, according to Fast Company's Jared Newman.

Newman said that unlike practically every major game console that's come before it, the Steam Deck, from PC gaming giant Valve, doesn't lock users into one ecosystem.

While Valve's own Steam store is the default way to buy and play games, the Steam Deck lets users install whatever software they want on the device's Linux-based operating system. The experience has been liberating.

Newman said that using Steam Deck has meant that he could play weird indie creations from, classic games from, and free games from the Epic Games Store.

“I've used Plexamp to stream my personal music collection in place of in-game soundtracks, and I've used Vivaldi to browse the web in the Steam Deck's desktop mode. You don't have to use your Steam Deck this way, but just being knowing that it's an option makes the device more capable and personal.”

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