Micron Technology, Inc., Brings Lawsuit against Rambus in Italy

@ 2006/02/25
BOISE, Idaho, Feb 23, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Micron Technology, Inc., (MU) today announced that it has brought a new lawsuit against Rambus Inc. (RMBS) in the Court of Milan, Italy. In the suit, Micron and its Italian subsidiary, Micron Technology Italia, S.r.l., seek more than $30 million in damages and interest relating to a preliminary patent infringement action initiated by Rambus in September 2000.

Micron's complaint alleges that Rambus wrongfully obtained an order to seize certain materials from a Micron facility in Avezzano, Italy, while knowing that the Court of Monza, Italy, lacked jurisdiction over Micron. The complaint further alleges that the Court of Monza granted the order, at least in part, in reliance on Rambus misrepresentations, and that Rambus enforced the seizure order in bad faith causing injury to Micron.
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/02/25
Micron stock is doing better by the month. Been tracking this stock for months.