Pentium D 805 tested in HK

@ 2006/02/15
HKEPC has the first test of the cheapest dual core processor launched yet. The Smithfield core Pentium D 805 has only a 533MHz FSB and runs at 2.66GHz but it still has a 2MB cache and is build on a 90nm technology. HKEPC compares it to a Pentium D 840 and Pentium D 820 and even overclocks it successfully to a 740MHz FSB improvement. The new 3.7GHz Pentium D easily beats the Pentium D 840. (src: TheInquirer)
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/02/15
The article said US$168; darn good price.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/02/15
3.7Ghz OC ain't too bad; how "cheap" is this CPU going to be?
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/02/15
Did not mention temp in the article