RD580, Crossfire Xpress 3200 to launch pre Cebit

@ 2006/02/07
CROSSFIRE needs stronger motherboard support. Two X1900XTX based cards in a RD480 board can beat anything that Nvidia has to offer. That includes Nforce 4 SLI with 32 PCIe graphic lanes with two Geforce 7800 GTX 512, but Nforce 4 is still a better chipset. And we need more high end motherboards with ATI chipsets. Taiwanese firm Diamond Flower International (DFI) tried to do it but it encountered some difficulties in the beginning.

Your best bet now is the Radeon Xpress Crossfire board, based on RD480 chipset and ATI still recommends Asus A8R MVP as the best. The next chipset to support two ATI cards working together is the RD580, Crossfire Xpress 3200. It will sample in the next ten days and ATI will have to make the strategic decision whether to launch this card at CeBIT.

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