8-Way VGA cooler roundup

@ 2006/02/06
You wish to change the cooler of origin of your graphics card ?
I then advise you to throw a glance with our comparative of solutions of
cooling for graphics cards. With the program, AeroCool PC Aircon, Arctic
Cooling NV Silencer5 (rev.2), Arctic Cooling Accelero X1, Evercool
Turbo2, Thermalright V1, V1-Ultra Thermalright, Titan Eagle
(TTC-CSC82TB(DIY)) and Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/02/09
Originally posted by Rutar
There is a jmke clone in France! o_O
actually, he's from Belgium too
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/02/06
There is a jmke clone in France! o_O

Victory for AC vs Thermalright, 43.9 dba vs 52.8 dba seems well worth the tradeoff 15.1 vs 10.7 degrees. Now if they just used a bigger fan

The differences VI and V1 ultra are intresting, If I got that right the challenge is moving the heat away as quick as possible from the GPU core by means of a heatpipe construction and not how to move that heat away after it has been moved with the heatpipes, so the total heat is rather small but very focussed.

I'm waiting for the further shootout betweeen the best.