MSI Geminium-Go Graphic Card – the First MXM SLI Card in the World

@ 2006/02/02
MSI, the leading computer motherboard and graphics cards manufacturer, continues to provide cutting-edge technology with the MSI Geminium-Go Graphics Card, the MXM SLI Card:
• Powered by NVIDIA GO6600 mobile GPU
• Optimized for low-power consumption system
• Two MXM slot for installing MXM module
• Enable SLI mode in single graphic card
• 512MB on board DDR graphic memory
• PCI Express 16X Interface
MXM Graphics
The MSI Geminium-GO is an adapter for MXM module. When installing one or two MXM graphic cards onto MSI Geminium-GO, users can apply mobile GPU in desktop computer. If users want to upgrade the graphic performance, they could change the MXM module without changing MSI Geminium-GO.

MSI has found a solution that allows combining two MXM modules together to create an SLI configuration.

Low Noise, Low Heat & Power Requirement
MSI Geminium-GO demonstrates that users can experience better graphic performance with low power consumption. During testing in 3DMark05, the MSI Geminium-GO got over 4200 points, while 6600 desktop graphics card got only 3600 (Resolution 1024 x 768, SLI mode). Due to less power needed, the MSI Geminium-GO produces less noise and heat. As a result, the large fan is not required.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/02/03
HTPC market is still very small, only PC with more than a basis of hardware & software can pull it of with success.
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/02/03
How big can the market for one of these be?
That is the question all merchandizing managers want to know.
How big is the HTPC market or how big will it get?
Comment from goingpostale1 @ 2006/02/03
How big can the market for one of these be? Sure its a cool idea, but aside from HTPC who would have a need for this?