Jetart NP6600 Notebook Cooler

@ 2006/02/02
The NP6600 is part of the 6000 series, the latest release from Jetart. Of the previous series (NP3000, 4000, and 5000), we reviewed the NP5000 and were impressed with its cooling ability. The concept behind the 6000 line is portability: every cooler folds in half. The 6600 falls somewhere in the middle of the series. The lower end 6000 is the base model. Our sample has adjustable fan speeds. The 6800 also has a USB2.0 hub. Lastly, the 6900 adds a card reader. It's worthwhile to note that the last two models are rated at 10watts (pretty high by notebook standards) while the 6000 and 6600 consume only 1watt. This is probably due to the USB hub.

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