Abit to Keep Making Mainboards for Enthusiasts

@ 2006/01/30
Even though USI, the new owner of mainboard maker Abit, is known as original equipment manufacturer, the company may have plans to sustain production of high-end mainboards for which Abit is best known for. Such a claim was made by a representative for Abit in a recent interview.

“Abit will be able to shorten the TTM (Time-to-Market) of our motherboard launches, and we are planning to expand our exclusively high-end products to the mainstream and possibly the value segments as well. Hopefully we will be able to start penetrating this market as early as in the second half of 2006. For our existing segments, we are going ahead full steam, and are planning several exciting launches during CeBIT 2006,” an unknown PR manager for Abit said in an interview with OCWorkbench web-site.

USI recently agreed to pay $10.9 million (350 million Taiwanese dollars) in cash and 20 million preferred shares of USI’s newly established subsidiary for Abit’s motherboard brand “Abit”, as well as all patents, products, business and human resources related to its motherboard business.

The original equipment maker aimed to enter the channel mainboard market with a well-known brand, though it is unclear which audience would be primarily targeted by USI. According to the PR manager, the new owner will not only continue to sell high-performance mainboards, but even retain Abit’s competition for gamers – Acon.
Comment from Sidney @ 2006/01/31
Pretty good deal, $10.9 million is nothing today. We will never know what exactly happened. The regular folks (shareholders) in Taiwan are the real losers.