Sensible Soccer 2006 - interview with Jon Hare

@ 2006/01/30
Ask any gamer over 30 to name an influential UK games developer and the list will undoubtedly include Sensible Software.

Back in the day when the Amiga was at the peak of it’s powers and popularity, when PC owners were still having to sacrifice chickens to the gods of DOS just to boot up, Sensible Software, along with the likes of Bullfrog and the Bitmap Brothers, reigned supreme, bringing us the all time classics of Cannon Fodder, Sensible Golf and the iconic Sensible Soccer.

In 1999 Sensible Software was sold to the Codemasters and since then Sensible’s co-founder, Jon Hare has been working on and off with the Codies ever since.

Comment from Sidney @ 2006/01/30
The are old people.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/01/30
I played it on PC for years ubergame

started with Sensible Soccer
and later on Sensible World of Soccer

come to think of it...
Comment from Heinz @ 2006/01/30
haha, Sensible Soccer. Played that game like a million times on my SNES back in the days.