Microsoft spruces up Paint

@ 2021/08/04
Unchanged since 1985

Software King of the World Microsoft is improving its Paint app for the first time since November 1985.

The new aesthetic was revealed when Microsoft quietly posed images of the app on Unsplash, as spotted by Windows Latest.

Paint has been around since the first version of Windows, in November 1985, and it appears Microsoft is not yet ready to sundown the image editing software.

The result is a more simplified look, with easier-to-access options to switch between pencils, brushes, and copy and paste.

The undo and redo buttons are now next to the File and View controls in the header, and there are also rounded corners for the app – as is the contemporary style for many Windows 11 apps.

It does not appear that there will be new updates for Paint in terms of features, although Microsoft does appear to be emphasising its use with touchscreens and stylus – but other Windows apps will be getting new tools.

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