Gigabyte i-RAM storage device

@ 2006/01/25
Gigabyte first demoed the i-RAM at Computex last summer, and cards have finally made their way to the North American market. One has also made its way to our labs, where it's been packed with high-density DIMMs and run through our usual suite of storage tests. Read on for more on how the i-RAM works, what its limitations are, and how its performance compares with a collection of single hard drives and multi-disk arrays.
Comment from jmke @ 2006/01/25
With the price of 1GB DDR modules is hovering around $80, it's possible to build a 4GB i-RAM drive for under $500. That's a horrific cost per gigabyte for a hard drive or RAID array, but it's pretty good for a solid-state storage device with this kind of performance.

I guess in Europe it will be even more expensive; for just 4Gb... you are better of experimenting with a RAM drive (software-matic)