CES & Vegas 2006: The City, Cars and Booth Babes

@ 2006/01/23
From computers and home entertainment to automotive audio and video, we saw it all. However, unlike our previous trips to Las Vegas, this year wasn’t just about nifty gadgets and emerging technologies. Playing with new toys is fun and all, but this is Vegas baby! Rather than fly to Vegas and work our butts off covering CES for four days straight, we figured it would be a better idea to fly to Vegas, start partying on New Years, don’t stop until the show floor opens and then attempt to work our butts off covering CES for four days straight! Unfortunately, some our crazy shenanigans may seem slightly distasteful to our more sensitive readers. So instead of publishing those pictures here, we figured it would be best to publish pictures of the city, the exotic autos at the Penske-Wynn Ferrari Maserati dealership and the obligatory booth babe photos.

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