Opteron 64 as a "silicon gladiator"

@ 2006/01/16
THE OUTSPOKEN chief technical officer of Voodoo PC said that investors don't need to worry about AMD's future.
Rahul Sood was commentating on an article from Associated Press, based on a financial analyst's report claiming that AMD was in its last quarter of strong momentum. The analyst also said it was unlikely Dell would use AMD processors.

Sood comments, rightly, that the AMD Dell rumours remain speculative - and we've heard such rumours for so many times over so many years that we've got to agree with that.

He said that the Opteron 64 is the clear choice for servers and workstations, and it will maintain that position until 2008 and beyond.

AMD, he said, "continues to eat away market share in the server and workstation market like Pacman eats dots."

He describes the Opteron 64 as a "silicon gladiator" and AMD can continue to do just fine without Dell.

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Comment from wutske @ 2006/01/16
because Opterons are servercpu's, they must garanty 99,99% stability, and the best way to do that is to have a wide margin, especialy if the cpu's have to run in a hot environement (eg. huge datacenters)
What's stable enough for us, might be completely unstable for them.
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/01/16
I wonder why they do not release a higher clocked single core Opteron.

Considering how the Opterons clock, they must get stupid high yields.