AI creates another Nirvana song

@ 2021/04/07
Just makes you want to shoot yourself

On the 27th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death an AI is attempting to fill the musical gap he made by putting a shotgun to his head.

A mental health organisation called Over the Bridge used Google's Magenta AI and a generic neural network to examine more than two dozen songs by Nirvana to create a 'new' track from the band. "Drowned in the Sun" opens with reverb-soaked plucking before turning into an assault of distorted power chords. "I don't care/I feel as one, drowned in the sun."

Nirvana tribute band frontman Eric Hogan sings in the chorus. It sounds not all that dissimilar from "You Know You're Right", one of the last songs Nirvana recorded before Cobain's death in 1994.

Other than the voice of Hogan, everything you hear in the song was generated by the two AI programs Over the Bridge used. The organisation first fed Magenta songs as MIDI files so that the software could learn the specific notes and harmonies that made the band's tunes so iconic, but really you don’t need AI to tell Nirvana songs were a bit similar.

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