AMD launches new Ryzen 5000 Mobile processors

@ 2021/01/13
Zen 3 CPU and Vega GPU architectures for thin and light and high-performance gaming

AMD has kicked off its CES 2021 keynote with CEO and President, Dr. Lisa Su, taking the stage and talking about what has AMD done during the last year. More importantly, AMD has teased some of its upcoming launches, as well as officially launched the new Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors, based on Zen 3 CPU architecture but still retaining Vega-based GPU CUs, just like the Ryzen 4000 series mobile CPUs.

AMD has launched a lot of SKUs in the new Ryzen 5000 series mobile processor lineup (a total of 13), spread into H- and U-series SKUs, but we'll get to that a bit later.

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