Arctic Cooling announces new VGA cooler with Heatpipe Technology : Accelero

@ 2006/01/03
The first GPU Cooler from ARCTIC COOLING with Heatpipe Technology

The silent Accelero offers better cooling than the former ATI/ NV Silencers.

Pfäffikon/ Switzerland, 03.01.2006: Swiss cooler manufacturer ARCTIC COOLING launches
new series of Graphic card coolers named Accelero (X1 NVDIA 6800/ 7800 for Series and X2
for ATI X1800/ X1900 Series). Vibrations caused by the rotating fan are absorbed by a
patented vibration muffler. Complex airflow simulations were conducted during development
of the fan, the results were incredible cooling performance at extremely low noise levels as a
result of to 6 heatpipes. ARCTIC COOLING offers for this series a 6 year limited warranty.
Both models will be available by end of February 2006. The MSRP is each only USD 33.-.

Comment from jmke @ 2006/01/04
that I don't know
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/01/04
Does that mean there will be a seperate silencer for the x1800XT?
Comment from jmke @ 2006/01/04
The Accelero will not replace the current Silencer's; The Accelero is marketed at higher end VGA air cooling
Comment from jmke @ 2006/01/03
I doesn't seem they are "thinking in your direction" , as bigger fan is not always better, and a small one which can focus airflow on a small area will often be more effective than a large one which blows air every which way
Comment from Rutar @ 2006/01/03
it looks like AC is thinking in my direction

Now where is the bigger fan?
Comment from jmke @ 2006/01/03
full specs: