nPowerTek Heat Column Waterblock

@ 2005/12/30
The P4 die test is included as a point of interest - I must caution that these results have no comparison to others, as the P4 die tester is new and I don't have many results to compare against yet. It does appear that the P4 die tester is a very tough test, as the die temps are high; I will be placing a thermocouple on the case as another measurement point.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/30
Test Results indicate that the nPowerTek Heat Column Waterblock's pressure drop (or head loss) across the waterblock is very high at 0.9 gpm; flow resistance such as this means that nPowerTek will require a high power waterpump to attain high flow rates. However, it appears that the performance increase may not be worth the added expense - an interesting turn of events.

but 0.22 C/W compared to 0.12 C/W for top performer from Swiftech (Storm)