5-Way DVD Writer RoundUp

@ 2005/12/29
NEC ND-3540A
Pioneer DVR-110D
Plextor PX-740A
Sony DRU-810A
Toshiba SDR-5472

Despite the stagnation of write speeds for DVD-R and DVD+R at 16x, new DVD writers are regularly being marketed, since performance for other types of writing (RW and dual-layer) is still improving. But as is customary, manufacturers of writers have a lead on media manufacturers. For this article, we visited all the stores to see what types of media are actually available for sale, and once again the result was most enlightening. You can find 16x-compatible -R and +R discs, but in the other formats they simply aren't out there. For the two rewritable standards, -RW and +RW, 4x-compatible media is all we could find, whereas writers now operate at 8x for +RW and 6x for -RW. As for dual-layer writers, which now reach speeds of 8x, only 2.4x media are available. And we weren't even able to find anybody to sell us dual-layer DVD-Rs!

Comment from Cyron @ 2006/01/01
I think it's on eof the worst reviews i have seen.

Which stores did they visit, how many, which media did they actually test and how many ?

No info on that whatsoever, that's make it a bad review in my opinion. Besides, alot of media is also bought at Webshops; giving you much more choices to choose from.

How can NEC become the King when they only tested less then 25% of the total amount of DVD-RW's out there ?

It's a mini-test, and i have seen better reviews.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/30
writing at anything over 4x is a guaranteed problem disc, no matter what media or drive used here. Some achieve average results at 8x

conclusion: no kings at 4x/8x

Media has to increase quality before a king can be crowned. I see no media tests in this roundup which test for quality.
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/12/30
the king is dead (Plextor), long lives the king (NEC)